[BLDG-SIM] thermal conductivity of wet soil

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Have you looked into SIMULAT, sponsored by the German Research Society or
RETC by the Scientific Software Group in Washington, DC?
The software relates to hydraulic conductivity of the soil in both saturated
and unsaturated conditions?  Algorithms are given for conductivity as a
function of the soil water content. The parameters of the model are taken
from the van Genuchten or Brooks and Corey equations describing soil water
I believe there's some other related software available.

The SIMULAT site is:  http://www.gsf.de/UFIS/ufis/modell65/gle319.html
The RETC site is:

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> Hello,
> For the evalution of office ventilation, we try to model the dynamic
> behaviour of ventilated ground tubes using Capsol software.
> For this we are looking for the value of the thermal conductivity (l) of
> common types of soil (humus, sand, loamy sand, loam, clay,..) and wet
> soil, preferably in function of the moisture content. We would be very
> happy if somebody could give us some references or values.
> Are there any approaches to define 'equivalent' thermal conductivity
> values when ground water streams occur, preferably in function of the
> speed of the water?
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