[BLDG-SIM] Modeling a manufacturing environment

Fred Roberts fred.roberts at neenan.com
Wed Jan 10 12:39:12 PST 2001

We are about to undertake a project where the building is, for the most
part, an enclosure for the manufacturing of beer.  The owners are very
interested in alternative energy and other innovative ways of reducing
environmental impact.

What I have in mind is to simulate the brewing process using a business
simulation program that has the capability of modeling process piping and
heat in and out of the manufacturing process.  This would give a handle on
the frequency and quantity of heat required to process the beer.  Along with
the quantity of waste product.  Then, I would envision building a second
model of the building and the environmental interface.  From this we would
be able to explore heat source options, including biopower, industrial solar
and other options, to understand their practical or economic viability to
our needs.

My question is does anyone have experience in working on similar, or
conceptually a process like I have outlined.  And, if you would have
interest in collaborating on such an undertaking.  Also, suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.

Fred Roberts
The Neenan Company
Tel: (970) 416-7280
Fax: (970) 493-5869


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