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I am using eQUEST and having trouble with the results when indirect evap
cooling is introduced as preconditioner. I found the msg below in the
blg-sim archive narrating the similar problem, but no response is posted,
hence I am posing the question again. The load profiles see an abnormal
increase and the otherwise smooth hourly load profile graph developes
kinks with the introduction of indirect evap cooling for outside air.
Would appreciate if anyone has an explanation.


-Smita Gupta

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I'm analyzing a building with a central plant, and would like to simulate
pre-cooling the outside air using indirect evaporative
cooling, using relief air as the secondary stream.  Does anyone know how
to do this with DOE2?  (I've been using 2.2, but let me
know if there's a solution in any version)
Not knowing how to simulate this exact situation, I've tried to simulate
indirect evaporative cooling using outside air as the
secondary stream.  However, this gave me results that I don't believe. 
Specifically, after adding evaporative cooling our increased
fan energy dwarfed any chiller savings.  Although this is possible if the
climate is mild enough, in that case the demand should
still be reduced.  According to some spreadsheet calculations, we should
save ~40kW in demand from the reduction in chiller size,
and gain ~10kW in fans.  However, in the simulation results the demand
increases by ~200 kW.
Here are the commands I had  added:
Does anyone know of oddities in modeling indirect evaporation that I
should know about?
-Matt Gangemi

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