[BLDG-SIM] Energy-10: Limited Glazing Types

Caroline Prochazka cjprocha at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 06:51:30 PDT 2004

I am a graduate student of architecture at the
University of Waterloo. I am using Energy-10, Ecotect
and Desktop Radiance to study the role of daylighting
with respect to heating and cooling energy for two
existing Canadian 'green' buildings. This posting is
only one of my many questions, which recently arose
from closer examination of my models.

I am trying variants of my models using alternate
glazing types, with properties generated by FRAME|plus
online window calculator. For example, I am
substituting triple glazed clear, double low-e windows
in a building that originally had spectrally selective
triple glazing, to see the effect on the thermal
profile. Energy-10 glazing can be defined by U-value,
SHGC and Visible Transmittance, but then I have to
pick a 'glazing type' code. I read in help that this
'glazing type' helps E-10 simulate the effects of
oblique sunlight (?) These glazing types are greatly
limiting. My question, for this example would be, what
do I select. All the triple glazed options have a
'heat mirror' coating. Would selecting double glazed
clear with low e work just as well for this example,
as I have already provide the U-value, SHGC and VT?

Does this assumption hold true for other triple
glazing which isn't 'heat mirrored'? Or does the third
light make a big difference?


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