[bldg-sim] eQUEST(ion)

Samuel Casado samuelc at aspica.es
Mon Dec 27 11:19:14 PST 2004

Dear Bldg-sim users, 
1. Is it possible to model adiabatic exterior walls? If not, can we turn
exterior walls into interior walls, and then to adiabatic walls?. I`m
always talking about eQUEST. The fact is that I need some exterior walls
not to have heat conduction and I can't come up with a solution that
2. I'm new in building simulation, and I'm beguining to understand how
hard is to develop this kind of programs. With all the public
institutions support (and funding), at least in Europe, can we expect a
further and faster development in next few years? What is the situation
in the U.S.A.?  In my opinion the demand of this simulation programs and
its developers it's unstoppable.

Feliz Navidad

Samuel Casado González
Aspica Constructora

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