[BLDG-SIM] New EnergyPlus V1.2.1 build available.

Linda Lawrie linda at lawrie.com
Fri Dec 10 13:43:07 PST 2004

To Bldg-Sim subscribers

Good news and bad news....

Bad news--we found a few bugs in Version 1.2.1 that you might want to know 

- COMIS results were not correct in the V1.2.1.012 release.  This has been 

- DOE-2 Translator: The conversion in the DOE-2 Translator for Specific 
Heat is incorrect. The translated value is a factor of 1000 too small. The 
conversion should be J/Kg-K = 4186.8 * Btu/Lb-F. This has been corrected.

- In the eio output, the section "Zone Internal Gains/Equipment Information 
- Nominal" reports "Floor Area {m2}, # Occupants, Area per Occupant 
{m2/person}". The value being reported for "Area per Occupant" is the 
inverse {persons/m2}. This has been corrected.

- Several new error detections were added and other parts of the install 
cleaned up.

All addressed issues and known issues are available on the YahooGroups 
support list for EnergyPlus and will be downloaded if you download the new 

Good news--a new build (22) of EnergyPlus Version 1.2.1 which fixes these
issues is now available from the EnergyPlus web site.

Steps to get the new build:

1. Go to the EnergyPlus web site ( www.energyplus.gov ) and click on
Getting EnergyPlus.

2. Complete the registration info (yes, you have to register again...).

3. Download the new version.  You may want to try the Windows web
install--it only will download the necessary new files, not everything.

Thanks for using EnergyPlus!

The EnergyPlus Development Team

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