[bldg-sim] Daily Digest option?

Jason Glazer jglazer at gard.com
Mon Dec 27 12:47:27 PST 2004


Yes, the BLDG-SIM mailing does support digests but the 
feature is not used much.  Send a message to 

  mdaemon at gard.com

That contains the line:


To turn off digests and get messages one at a time send to 
the same email address:


The digests are processed at 3 am.  The address you send 
the email from must be the same as what is used by the mail 
server to send email to you.  If this doesn't work, let me 
know and I can do it manually.

Also, if you do use DIGEST and want to reply to a message 
that was in a digest back to BLDG-SIM please made change 
the subject line to reflect the specific message subject.



On 27 Dec 2004 at 15:29, Paul Lyons wrote:

> Jason Glazer
> GARD Analytics
> Dear Jason -
> I enjoy reading the questions and answers on the BLDG-SIM
> list, but they arrive quite frequently and I am finding them
> rather distracting.
> Does the option exist to subscribe to a daily digest?  If
> yes, how do I select that option?  If no, what would it take
> to set it up?
> Thank you, 
> Paul Lyons

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