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Chris Jones cj at cr-jay.ca
Thu Dec 22 08:45:03 PST 2005

EE4 in Canada is a simplified user interface to DOE2.1E that creates the 
reference case model corresponding to the design case model for the 
Canadian Model National Energy Code.  This hugely simplifies the comparison 
of you design to a codified standard.

I look forward to a tool that will provide the same for ASHRAE 90.1 for our 
LEED USGBC projects.

At 10:33 22/12/2005, Mike Tillou wrote:
>You should be more concerned about the ability of eQuest to incorporate
>a "code ruleset" that automatically generates the necessary sizing runs
>and baseline models with no user intervention.  Folks in Texas are
>trying to do the same thing with DOE2.1e.
>My point is as energy professionals we need to embrace these new
>technologies and figure out how to incorporate them into our daily work
>flow.  As others have mentioned simulation is rarely used by architects
>to look at energy use, partly because of the time it takes to create a
>useful model.  As Mike Roberts points out, the "drudgery" is finally
>being removed from modeling.
>Using newer tools allows me to create more and more complex models with
>considerably more zones (double or triple the number).  The more
>detailed the model, the better the results, the more I am able to help
>designers understand the energy implications of their design, not just
>at peak loads but during shoulder and off-peak periods as well.  It's
>great showing an architect/engineer that the peak cooling load in a
>space occurs on September 30 and not in July.  This information impacts
>their final design decisions.
>We need to embrace the fact that we have a unique skill set that design
>teams need.  It's great getting paid for building a DOE2.1e model but
>it's even better getting paid to help interpret the results of an energy
>model so that you can effect the design of a building.
>Happy Holidays and three cheers for defeating drilling in ANWR once
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