[bldg-sim] Test room with thermal mass - Data sets available?

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Sorry, must have missed the original request. You might want to see 
if you can get any of the data from the Pala test houses. They has 
been used for many studies, but one of the more relevant is:

R. Meldem and F. Winkelmann, 1995. Comparison of DOE-2 with 
Measurements in the Pala Test Houses, LBL-37979, Lawrence Berkeley 
National Laboratory, July, 1995.

Available from:


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At 06:59 AM 12/6/2005, Vikram Sami wrote:

>I think Murray Milne & Pablo La Roche have been doing some work in this
>area, though with a focus on 'smart ventilation'.
>Here's a link to one of their papers.
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>I am wondering, if any measurement data exists for a test room/chamber
>containing solid building material (e.g. a concrete or brick wall)
>concerning the dynamic influence of the thermal mass on the internal
>Of interest is the temperature and air flow distribution as well as the
>surface heat transfer for comparison with my CFD routine.
>I'd greatly appreciate it, if somebody can tell where to find such a
>data set or can provide me with any.
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