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This is the challenge! 

How to take something complex and make it understandable by the average design professional, and some day the general public. 

There are so many complex details in building energy simulation and renewable energy simulation that it has taken several generations of dedicated researchers and practioners to figure out just how to simulate somethings correctly.  

Now, as energy costs increase, and as pressure for delivering LEED buildings increases new players are entering a field previously occupied by only a few. Hence, there is a need to continuously educate, certify, and at the same time, develop new models with simplier inferfaces, and more reliable results -- a seemingly impossible task. 

We also need to develop simple touchstones to help with such mundane things as cross-checking, ball-parking, etc. I know from my experience of using DOE-2 for 23 years (yes..I started with cards on a mainframe) that the hardest question to answer is "are my results reasonable..." or more than often "..can I simulate so and so with XYZ program...". These are often hard questions, sometimes requiring super-knowledge from a code-writer who knows the algorithms behind the code. 

So, we must continue to welcome new users without making them feel uncomfortable for asking seemingly obvious questions. We also need to produce readily available self-teaching guides, DVD, etc. To help move this forward. 

For example, IBPSA has produced a super set of PPT slides about simulation that can serve as a foundation for creating a better understanding of what simulation is, how it works, what it does and does not do. We will need more of this sort of thing that gets widely distributed, and lots of hard work, to answer this challenge with a professional response that produces the next generation of high performance, low impact buildings, that are pleasant to view and be in.  
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One caution--educating "the masses" about the benefits of energy efficiency
is one thing.  Providing access to misinformation, and analysis that leads
to wrong design choices, will only discredit the energy profession.  Witness
the rise of solar technology in the 70's, greatly harmed by the entry of fly
by night solar companies that sold cheap collectors that lasted a year in
the field. One incorrect step forward can cost many correct steps. 


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Hello everybody,

After reading some of the posts surrounding this thread, I think we are
the point.  Educating the masses.  In my opinion, that will be the single 
deciding factor for future generations.  As such, ANY way we can educate
help.  One small step forward is still a step in the correct direction.  
Wherever, whatever, whoever...if the word gets out about energy efficient 
buildings then progress is being accomplished.

Just an observation from "the great white north."


Quoting John Aulbach <jra_sac at yahoo.com>:

> Carol:
> Remember one thing. Just because someone doesn't have
> a "Green" label next to their title, doesn't negate
> the PE license, the CEM license, and 25 years
> experience of energy engineering and DOE2 experience
> either. Or hourly computer energy modeling in 1977 on
> a mainframe computer.
> Just another test to pass...
> Just as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) has existed
> under the names Co Generation and even "Total Energy"
> (1969), so the Green Building Movement has evolved
> from ER-30 downlights. 1st generation T-8 lamps,
> original "whinny" variable speed drives, and alaog EMS
> systems.
> I totally agree that, like the bombers vs. missiles
> controversy in national defense, it remains that
> energy consultants, by ANY name,need to make sure
> simulation results are REAL and POSSIBLE, not
> something from a computer's fantasy. A HUMAN needs to
> review data to verify its validity.
> THAT doesn't come from any degree or title. That comes
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