[bldg-sim] Current state of software for natural ventilation

Matt Gangemi mgangemi at WoodHarbinger.com
Mon Jan 23 08:15:59 PST 2006

How well does COMIS work for natural ventilation?  My understanding is
that it's a nodal model and doesn't take the detailed room geometry into
account (though my understanding is only based on a few hours of
research).  Will a CFD model be advisable in addition in order to look
at the boundary conditions?

> Drury.Crawley at EE.DOE.GOV
> DesignBuilder, a full-featured GUI for EnergyPlus
> was released earlier this week.  It can handle
> the natural ventilation (COMIS) parts of EnergyPlus.
> www.DesignBuilder.co.uk
> Mixed mode ventilation is planned for the April
> release of EnergyPlus.
>                       "Matt Gangemi"
> I'm interested in finding good software to use in designing for
> ventilation.  By "good" I mean providing results accurate enough to
use in
> constructing functional buildings, while being minimally complex or
> difficult to use (and yes, I'm aware that even the minima of this
> could suck up weeks/months of time) and yet still affordable.  I've
> searched the archives for a good discussion regarding natural
> and although I found a good thread (
> http://www.gard.com/ml/bldg-sim-archive/msg01276.html), it's a few
> old.
> What software is preferred?  Has anyone here tried the COMIS
> of EnergyPlus?  Is there a good interface to EnergyPlus yet?  (last
time I
> simulated a model was a few years ago, and I more or less worked with
> files)  Is combining ESP-r with a CFD model still the best solution,
or is
> there a better way?

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