[BLDG-SIM] billing demand from several options

Brody Wilson brody.energy at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 12:21:05 PDT 2006

Does anyone have any experience modeling a "Base Billing Demand" rate
structure in DOE2? I'm modeling a rate structure that bases demand charges
during the winter billing period on the least of 1) the maximum summer
billing demand (unlikely unless lots of electric heating) 2) the immediately
preceding May or October demand, or 3)current winter month's demand,
whichever is less. Then uses that kW value in a block structure of kWH/kW.

I'd love to use a series of ratchets, and can use them to describe each of
my three options, but don't see any way to select the LEAST out of the three
results and apply it to the current month.

Any ideas are appreciated…

Brody Wilson - Analyst

Energy Solutions Inc.

brody at energysolutions-stl.com

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