[Bldg-sim] multiple wall constructions for LEED

Chien Si Harriman chien.harriman at iesve.com
Mon Aug 11 14:20:48 PDT 2008

Hi all-
A quick, but kind of hazy question for me at least, regarding LEED projects.  Let's just say, that a building is composed of multiple wall types, spanning a range of the ASHRAE 90.1 definitions...some portions of the building is steel framed, another portion is mass wall, and yet another portion is wood framed, for example.  In this case, what would the baseline be defined as?  Does each wall remain categorically intact, and you simply choose the baseline U-factor that corresponds to that wall type, or do you have to determine the wall type that makes up the majority of the proposed building, and choose this wall type as the baseline wall type?  
Thanks in advance,
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