[Bldg-sim] IES-VE for LEED

Ho Tinkit ho.tinkit at scottwilson.com.hk
Tue Aug 12 17:59:06 PDT 2008

Dear all,

I have been trying the IES-VE for LEED assessment for some time. Regarding
to setting up the baseline model according to Ashrae 90.1 2004, I have
following questions need to be clarified.

For a 31 levels commercial building, a VAV system with centrifugal Chiller
(300tons) at minimum efficiency of COP 6.1 and IPLV 6.4 is required as the
baseline HVAC model as stated in table 6.8.1C of section 6.8 of Ashrae
Standard 90.1 2004 and Table G3.1.1 of Appendix G. (Please correct me if it
is wrong).

Q.1 	Could anyone please  tell me the way to setup a such system in the IES
Model? Should I use Apache system or Apache HVAC?
Q.2  	For using Apache system, could anyone please tell me how to input the
required values, especially to
		1) Generator nominal EER,
		2) Generator seasonal EER, and
		3) SSEER
		4) Heat rejection fraction

Q.3 	In this connection, I noted that chapter5 of the VE Compliance User
manual states this

"On the cooling side an analogous relationship exists between SSEER and the
following parameters:
EER - the cooling system generator energy efficiency ratio or COP "

As the general conversion of EER to COP is 3.412, then a system with EER of
6.1 would be equal to COP of 20.8, which is out of the editable range in the
IES VE. Could anyone please  help to clarify the difference between EER and
COP here.

Thank a lot for any kindly information, and your reply is highly

Best Regards,
Senior Assistant Engineer
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