[Bldg-sim] VRF System Modeling - eQUEST

Dan Russell danr at engineeringinc.com
Thu Aug 14 10:10:42 PDT 2008


I don't have any experience with this yet, but recognizing that it will
be necessary for myself in the near future as it is for some, like
yourself,  already I went ahead and asked our local Daikin Rep about
getting VRF routines incorporated into eQuest.  The following is a
response given today by the Daikin engineering department:

|...EnergyPro is basically done.  The VRVIII units have been added and
DOE |testing has been performed to verify the results.  Martyn Dodd will
be at |Sawgrass to bring us all up to speed.
|eQuest as well EnergyPlus are next to tackle and we have already made
|contact and started working with the software developers.  The time
frame |is middle to end of 2009 for both software packages.  eQuest is
more of a |wildcard because there are some major software changes
happening on that |platform because of something called the "Design
Sizing" project which is |very delayed and could end up hurting our
timeline.  I have found in past |that these timelines typically slip so
please be wary about making any |concrete promises but you have my
assurance that it is being worked on and |we will eventually (i.e.
anywhere from 12 months to 30 months) have this |done.
|If this is a project with immediate LEED implications, I would explore
|EnergyPro.  There is a Daikin specific site on EnergyPro's domain now.
|Sherwin Khayatian
|Manager, Western Region
|Daikin AC (Americas), Inc.
|Tel: 415-686-3165

So, at least from the Daikin side it seems that the only sure way to go
at this time is with EnergyPro.  I don't know of a responsive local
Mitsubishi Rep in my area, but maybe someone out there can ask similar
question to Mitsubishi regarding their involvement with supporting an
eQuest-compatible VRF routine.


Dan Russell, EIT 

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Does anyone know about or have any experience modeling VRF systems in
eQUEST?  Can it be done?  

Does anyone know about the capability of other software packages to
model VRF systems?  Are any of them better than others?


Michael Bejrowski
Mechanical EIT - Austin, TX

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