[Bldg-sim] LEED NC Submittal Template, Heating/Cooling Hours Loads Not Met

Brandon Nichols BrandonN at Hargis.biz
Thu Aug 21 10:21:49 PDT 2008


"Table 1.3 -- Advisory Messages" of the LEED NC Submittal Template
requests "number of hours heating loads not met" and "number of hours
cooling loads not met".  We've taken a vote here in the office, and its
2-0 in favor of reporting the worst case zone as shown on the BEPS

But we have some lingering doubts... can anyone say definitively what
numbers are being asked to for here?  our runner-up in the voting was
the total of all zone hours out of throttling range -- however this
could easily exceed the limit of 300 hours on a large project with many

As 300 hours is less than 5% (3.4% actually) of 8760, we think that the
300 hours is "per zone", not a total limit for the entire project.  

Comments appreciated....

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