[Bldg-sim] modeling spaces of multiple-floor heights

George Hu george.hu at awe-e.com
Mon Aug 18 08:17:58 PDT 2008

Hi John, and all,


I had the same question as Mona regarding how to model spaces that connect
multiple floors (such as an atrium).

This would require creating donut-shaped floors. I used to use VisualDOE,
and I understood that you would have an issue

if you create a donut-shaped floor - the software would not accept it (or am
I right?)


Are there similar issues in eQuest, and what are the techniques to use to
model a space of multiple floor height?

In eQuest, can we create a zone in a floor and make it "open to below" like
how you could do it in VisualDOE?



Thanks a lot.




George Hu, PE, LEED AP


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My suggestion (not knowing the level of your modeling experience) is to
model the entire 26 floors in the Schematic design (all same size). You will
only see Floors 1, 2 and 26, as Floor 2 will be represented by a multiplier.


Then switch to detailed Design Wizard (DD Wizard) and begin adding each
floor above the 2nd as a "clone" of the previous floor. Once you get to
floor 25 and look at the building 3-D, you will now see all 26 floors.


NOW, staying in the DD Wizard, go back to floors 1 and 2, and, using the
Footprint definition on Wizard Screen 2, go to "Custom". This will allow you
to draw on a lattice where you can STRETCH the 1st floor, save it, and go to
Floor 2 to do the same thing.


You need to "play" with this a bit.


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I would like to model a 26storey   existing building with EQuest, however
the plans  are in pdf format, and I am not sure if I need to redraw them in
autocad.  the first two floors has different shape and part of the 2nd
floor is connected to 1st floor as a 2 storey gallery and there are 2
parking under ground(under first floor). I am wondering if I should model
the whole building in the schematic design without the first 2 floors and
parkings and then add them to the building? 

Building is rectangular in shape and the 24 story is expanded over the first
2 floor.


How can I model the 2 connected story? and how can I put these 2 stories
under the whole building.


Thanks alot,

Mona A.

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