[Bldg-sim] LEED modeling requirements for existing buildings

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Thu Aug 21 14:10:09 PDT 2008

Appendix G is very explicit regarding these issues.  Amanda's interpretation
is not consistent with Appendix G (though any mandatory envelope measures
applicable to "alterations/additions") would still apply for the LEED
Prerequisite (EAp2)).

The relevant sections of Appendix G include:

   - Table G3.1.5(Baseline)(f): All elements of the existing Baseline
   building envelope shall reflect the existing conditions prior to any
   revisions that are part of the scope of work being evaluated.  [Notes: [1]
   this only includes existing portions of the building, and does not apply to
   building additions; [2] there is no exception mandating that elements with
   changes that are part of the scope of work must be modeled as meeting
   minimum ASHRAE prescriptive envelope requirements].
   - Table G3.1.5(Proposed): The building envelope shall be modeled as shown
   on architectural drawings or as built for existing building envelopes (any
   changes to the existing building envelope reflected on the architectural
   drawings would be reflected in the Proposed Case).
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