[Bldg-sim] Reducing power factor

Guruprakash Sastry nanoprakash at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 24 21:44:44 PDT 2008

I think you are a bit confused. Ideally, power factor should be as high as possible (up to 1.0) and reducing power factor always results in higher energy bills (i.e. losses). Capacitors help in increasing the power factor in the system, thus reducing losses.
Power factor improvement is one of the common measures in any energy conservation studies for buildings, at least in India. I wouldn't call this as an innovative measure to reduce energy costs.
Guruprakash Sastry  LEED AP
Johnson Controls India

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Subject: [Bldg-sim] Reducing power factor
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Dear All,
Does anybody have any experience with installing capacitors to reduce the power factor of your site?
Has that been used as an innovativation credit in LEED or does it have any implication on energy modelling?
My understanding is that it reduces transmission losses but does not affect the power consumption of the buildings.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kapil Upadhyaya.
Kirksey, Houston

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