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Reports on toplighting and sidelighting studies by Moeck, et al. are here:


Martin went from industry to University of Kansas 
to Penn State (where the cited work was 
performed) to Arizona State back to industry.  I do not have a current address.

Bill Bahnfleth

At 05:36 PM 8/26/2008, Matthew Higgins wrote:
>Ramana - Our office provides project specific 
>analyzes of daylight performance and its impacts 
>on energy performance, also considering quality 
>of light and other helpful studies. I don't know 
>of Prof Moeck, but I'd be happy to discuss 
>performance aspects of daylight with you.
>Your statement of the "Walmart" skylights may be 
>true for certain building types, taking into 
>consideration the spectral and thermal nature of 
>the glazing, the type heating/cooling for the 
>space, as well as size, location, and distance 
>from finished floor of the skylights in 
>question. I'm sure they took a lot of this into 
>consideration as they are always trying to 
>maintain the lowest possible utility costs and 
>for that building type those skylights may be the most beneficial.
>Matthew Higgins, LEED AP
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>Any data provided by the Consultant, verbal or 
>written, are to be considered opinions of 
>building energy and/or daylight performance. The 
>Client understands that the Consultant has no 
>control of occupant habits, equipment or 
>material performance or characteristics, site or 
>climate conditions or the Contractor's method of 
>assembly, and that the Consultant's opinions 
>regarding building energy/daylight performance 
>are made on the basis of the Consultant's 
>professional judgment and experience. The 
>Consultant makes no warranty, express or 
>implied, that the energy/daylight performance of 
>the building will not vary from the Consultant's 
>opinion of building energy/daylight performance.
>Ramana Koti wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>I was once in a presentation by Prof Martin 
>>Moeck that was a comparative study of energy 
>>performances of various daylighting strategies. 
>>I vaguely remember simple skylights like in 
>>Walmart performing better than roof monitors 
>>with louvers or something to that effect.
>>I don't even know if there is a paper written 
>>up on the subject matter. I do not have Prof 
>>Moeck's current contact information so I'm 
>>hoping to find him or someone else who can help through this email.
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