[Bldg-sim] EQuest: Floor addition

Brandon Nichols BrandonN at Hargis.biz
Wed Aug 27 15:32:42 PDT 2008

Here's a link to a post I did describing how to create a multi-floor
atrium... hopefully that's not what you need to do, since the only
simple way I know of to handle that is via the wizard.  
Just as an FYI, we always always preserve a snapshot of our project at
the transition from wizard to detailed edit mode, in the event there
something we overlooked that's just more expedient to accomplish in the
Is this an open mezzanine, where you could simply extend the floor to
floor height, and double-count key load factors, like lighting, people
and plug-load density?  That I think would be the simplest approach...
otherwise your going to need to add a floor, as Bruno suggested, in the
detailed editor.  
Better to copy an existing floor and delete unnecessary items then
create from scratch and add missing components manually, I think.
Hope that helps


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Here's my situation:
I have created the twelfth floor with the correct floor to ceiling
dimensions; but I now need to add a twelfth floor mezzanine into the


On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 11:45 AM, Brandon Nichols <BrandonN at hargis.biz>

	If its an identical floor, just use the 'floor multiplier'
option on the floor properties dialog of the floor you'd like to
duplicate.  Then add the floor height of the duplicated floor to the
absolute Z elevations of all floors above.  Note that the Z elevation is
also found on the floor properties dialog, of the respective floors that
need to be jacked up.  
	There's only one minor issue... the duplicated floor won't be
depicted graphically.  In 3-D geometry view, the building will look like
there's a missing floor.  But in all of the energy reports etc. you
should find that the duplicated floor is accounted for.
	Now if the floor to be added is NOT identical... that's another
can of worms.  Let me know if this is the case and I can give you some
guidance... but it's not somewhere you want to go if you don't have to.


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	I want to add another floor to my building, but I am already
within the detail interface. Is there a way that I could go back into
the wizard and create another floor without creating problems?
	Thanks for any advise that can be provided!
	Alexandra Waranowski

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