[Bldg-sim] thermal labyrinth/passive air cooling

Nick Doylend bldg-sim at ndoylend.fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 6 16:02:39 PST 2008

Apologies for cross posting, however I wonder if someone here can help

I'm investigating the potential for thermal labyrinth cooling in a
desert climate such as New Mexico.  Although I haven't looked in detail
at the weather data, I imagine the diurnal range would be sufficient to
provide cool enough night air to dissipate the heat accumulated
within the mass of the labyrinth walls during the day.  At least that's
the idea.  I'm not sure about the best way to prove the effectiveness -
does anyone have experience of design and modelling such a system?  It
would be great if you could give me any suggestion or pointers to
further information and/or design guidance.

In addition I wonder if there are any existing buildings you know of
that utilise such a technique.  It would be great if I could find some
case studies demonstrating successful application of thermal labyrinths
for passive pre-cooling of supply air in hot/desert climates.

Thanks for your help,



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