[Bldg-sim] Updated IRS Notice for Commercial Building EnergyTax Deductions

Randy Wilkinson randy at hvacware.net
Thu Mar 13 16:36:38 PDT 2008

Correction:  DOE2-1E Version 119 and DOE2.1E-JJH version 130 are 
approved.  eQuest uses DOE2.2.  "DOE-2.2 is much changed and upgraded 
from 2.1E."  according to the DOE2 web site.  DOE2.2 is NOT approved for 
EPACT05 related simulation. 

The eQuest developers have been noticeably quiet about this.  I suspect 
that they are unwilling to jump thru government hoops for free software 
to comply with a tax deduction that was only supposed to be available 
for two years...and nobody could figure it out the first tax season.

Randy Wilkinson

Duke Graham wrote:
> I assume (and hope) that since eQuest is an interface for DOE-2, and 
> DOE-2 is approved, then eQuest is approved (DOE-2 being the "engine" 
> for eQuest). Anyone know for sure?
> Duke Graham 
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