[Bldg-sim] Ice storage chilling system - getting LEED points?

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Agree with everything David pointed out. While ice making chillers would use more energy to create the colder temperatures needed for phase change, they often do this at night when cooling tower doesn't work as hard and ambients drop (in some climates) so net energy is often less. In other words, the kWh consumption can be less as well as peak kW savings under rate tarriff considerations.

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For EAC1, the comparison is about energy cost.  The ice storage will save money IF you have time-of-day electricity rates in place.  If you are using the EIA state average rate data, it won't show a savings.
Ice storage actually uses more energy not less -- you can get more out of the ice, but remember that you have to spend the same amount of refrigeration energy to make the ice, plus the chiller will be working against unfavorable temperatures and fluid properties which will use more compressor energy compared to conventional chilled water, per ton-hr.
Maybe there is merit if you can say what savings there are from night-time electricity compared to day-time electricity, or if there is some major problem with electricity distribution in your area.
Your client may be interested in first cost savings if you design a partial storage system, but don't expect any LEED credit for that.


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Dear colleagues,
I would kindly ask for an information please.
I am thinking of designing an ice storage chilling system that would generate ice at night, during low electricity rates, and will be used during the following day for to reduce peak cooling demands of the building. 
Could I get LEED credits in Energy and Atmosphere section for reducing the cooling cost?
In addition, taking into account that ice can absorb more heat than that of water and therefore will lead to much more chilling capaciity or "tons" of refrigeration from the same size/horsepower rating of compressors than a conventional type of chiller.
I gues I could get more LEED credits for being environmentally friendly? 
Please advise.
Thanks muchly.
Regards Sasa Pantic


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