[Bldg-sim] Shades in eQuest or DOE-2?

Edward.A.Decker at jci.com Edward.A.Decker at jci.com
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Hello Andrew,

I am not sure if building shades can be created from the wizard mode. 
However, they can be created from the detailed mode. From the building 
shell module, right-click on the 'Building Shades' folder and select 
create building shade. There  are further  instructions in the DOE 2 help 
file, just search 'building shades.'





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[Bldg-sim] Shades in eQuest or DOE-2?

Thank you all for your responses.  I am having trouble finding the fixed 
shades and building shades in eQuest.  I noticed the shades are in the 
DOE-2 Help but not the eQuest Help files.  Is it possible to have trees as 
building shades or fixed shades in eQuest?  Could I be missing a plug-in? 
Also, when I click on the ?Project & Site? tab, the screen says ?no 
spreadsheet currently defined?.  I am obviously missing a step as far as 
implementing these building shades.  Any ideas?
Thanks everybody.
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