[Bldg-sim] Shading from adjacent buildings for LEED

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Appendix G is pretty clear that self-shading in the baseline case is not
permitted.  For whatever reason I seem to remember seeing something
similar about shading from adjacent buildings.  I have heard from
mechanical consultants that they never factor in adjacent building when
sizing equipment since they can't foresee what will happen to them in
the future.  But for a campus setting, where the owner has a commitment
not to tear the buildings down, maybe you can argue otherwise.
I'd love to hear some thoughts from the veterans here.  


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It seems to me that credit should be taken for shading from adjacent
buildings.  The base case procedure takes pains to normalize the
baseline analysis to a building that is neutral to solar gain and there
have been requirements in the past (and still are?) that the building
cannot self-shade itself.  Other Bldg-sim readers probably can provide a
more of official reading of the actual rules and I am interested in
hearing their rationales.




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Hi All,


I assume that neither ASHRAE 90.1 ECB or Appendix G allow you to take
credit for shading due to surrounding buildings.  Can anyone provide a
specific reference to the code or LEED Reference Guide where that is
stated?  I understand the rationale for a single building, but if I'm
working on a campus with single ownership and the buildings have a 30
year contract to be owned and operated, I feel like I should be allowed
to take a credit for reducing the solar heat gains due to adjacent
buildings.  Any thoughts?




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