[Bldg-sim] why does LEED-CS EAc1 documentation have to be so @#%^$ confusing?!

James Hansen JHANSEN at ghtltd.com
Wed Aug 4 09:40:45 PDT 2010

I've asked this question before, but never really got a good answer, so
I'm trying again in case anyone has new info.


Has anyone successfully submitted a LEED v3 Core and Shell Energy Model?


Under v2.0, there was a LEED-CS EAc1 calculator explained here:




Spreadsheet link:




It was a great way to subtract out energy loads that the Owner/Developer
did not have control over.


However, under the new v3 Green Building Reference guide (includes NC,
CS, etc), they appear to have gotten rid of the sliding Developer/Tenant
scale, and now award just a different quantity of points for CS vs NC.
It certainly looks that way, and the v3 online template couldn't
possibly be more confusing to me, so I can't really tell by looking at


Is this true?  If so, it's a shame, because if you have a Core and Shell
project where there is an Owner requirement to provide a mechanical
system capable of supporting 5 Watts / sq ft tenant plug loads, you can
no longer back out the plug loads as an energy consumer "not controlled
by the Owner/Developer".  I could reduce the plug load density to help
shrink the numerator/denominator, but that's not really an accurate
thing to do in a C&S project, since the Developer HAS to provide cooling
for 5 W / sq ft because of things like SFOs, specific tenant
requirements, etc.  C&S projects are a completely different animal than
an NC project where you already know and can guarantee tenant loads.


That sucks.  Can anyone confirm?


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