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Not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but here is a rundown of the simulation engines and code that I have experience that have either a plug in or open architectures.

Energyplus has a plug-in architecture that allows for code to be linked in. I think that the software license requires the plug-ins be considered part of the Energyplus application, and under DOE license. So DOE maintains ownership of all contributed code. I could be wrong on this point. You have to pay for a developer's license as well. The code is the best documented in the field. (F90)

ESP-r has a bunch of open source code that you could feasibly use as long as you release any modifications made under the GPL. ESP-r is great for digging around and finding algorithms with a debugger, and it seems you have computer skills. Highly efficient, but since it was grown on fortran, there are a lot of short variable names to deal with. (F77/F90/C)

TRNYSYS has 'Types' that you can write yourself and create your own libraries in Fortran or C to build whatever you want, could be a good test bed for algorithm development taking you from spreadsheets to code. Decent docs on creating your own 'types'(Fortran 77/90?)

DOE-2.1e has the ability to add your own functions. (F77)

There is the ASHRAE HVAC Toolkit that has libraries of stand-alone Fortran code. This is great for standalone calcs, but for full building simulation it may be easier to use the above as a base for development. (F77) 

Happy coding. 

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Dear all,

Sounds like most software that's being discussed on this list are
standalone desktop applications. But are there any such applications,
or even software libraries, that are specifically designed to be
embedded in other programs? Suppose for instance that I want to
simulate different algorithms for the efficient control of heating.
Are there software bundles out there that will help me do that Without
Effort (tm)?

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