[Bldg-sim] capturing waste heat

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Sat Aug 21 08:20:30 PDT 2010

Cross posting not necessary.

What unique method is being used to capture this heat?  What type of 
appliances, equipment?

The heat from plug loads is "captured" via heat absorbed by the 
return air stream, this is mixed at the air handler and moved around 
the building.  For fan coils, heat pumps, etc,  heat is one zone is 
moved to other zones via the fluid transfer.  This mechanism helps 
offset the boiler load.

Is there something else you had in mind?

At 03:37 PM 20/08/2010, Harakhlaal wrote:
>hi everyone
>wondering if anyone has an example of an excep. calc for capturing
>waste heat from appliances, equipment and using to offset some boiler
>load ...
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