[Bldg-sim] coanda effect fans/formations on natural/hybrid ventilation

Kevin Kyte KKyte at watts-ae.com
Fri Jan 15 06:50:36 PST 2010

Speaking of renewable energy, I was viewing IBPSA online and noticed only papers on coanda effect to mechanical jet fossil fuels.  Does anyone have a great read on coanda over naturally occurring fluid flow phenomena on the grand scheme?  I am interested in hybridizing ventilation should the right client come along and went to stay ahead of the pack.  It would absolutely delightful if someone would share documents on controlled vortices quantifying fluid flow as well.

Might anyone be of assistance?  I might just have to be resolved to going through the US Justice department and so-called " US Freedom of Information Act".

Perhaps someone knows a quanta discussion group that might offer a little insight.

Kevin Kyte
Buffalo, NY

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