[Bldg-sim] fan coil unit heat energy in winter

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I am modeling a chiller with 4-pipe fan coil units in each of the spaces
for a high school building. The fans are cycling on at night. There is a
Gas Boiler heating system. 
I see some space cooling happening in the winter periods during the
night when there should be very minimal internal load. The only way I
can justify this is that this is the supply fan heat energy for the fan
coil unit in the space and it comes out as cooling electrical end use
(in the BEPU AND BEPS reports) because there is no electrical heating
end use due to it being a gas system and electrical fans end use is for

Has anyone come across this before, do I seem right on my assumption? 

If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks &

Best Regards,

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