[Bldg-sim] FYI great source for international weather data

Julia Beabout juliabeabout at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 27 09:57:35 PST 2010

Hi All,
FYI the link below is great source for international weather data.  The service and software was new to me - so, I thought I'd pass it along in case others were unfamiliar with the company as well.  

They sell weather creation software that can be used to create weather data for any location in the world - yes, ANY location. The weather data file can be created in various formats such as TMY, TM2 and others for direct use in the energy or other modeling software you are using.  The software is around $600.  Or, they can create a single weather file for a particular requested location and email it to you for around $80.  I used this latter service.  I requested it in the evening and had it the next morning!


Happy modeling.
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