[Bldg-sim] sizing for baseline case acc to App. G

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Dear Vinay,


I'm not sure of the rationale for the ASHRAE 90.1 oversizing requirements,
however here are my thoughts:

.         I think the principal engineering rationale for oversizing is to
allow a building to reach its setpoint temperature quickly after a period of
inactivity.  As an example, if a building is inactive during a holiday and
the temperature is allowed to float several degrees lower (in winter), the
additional 25% heating capacity will enable faster return to the normal
setpoint temperature.  Steam heating systems can need even more capacity for
proper warmup capacity.

.         Oversizing is also a common practice as a "safety factor".  Most
load calculation software even has a separate input for adding this "safety




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Hello All,

Just to clarify a point - 

What does the oversizing of capacities by 15% for cooling and 25% for
heating exactly mean? Do we only size the cooling and heating capacity or
also increase the airflow rate corresponding to the oversizing?

Thank you.

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