[Bldg-sim] Leed Zoning Requirements

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Generally, match the HVAC zoning when that's known (typical in my LEED
projects), combining the zones where they are significantly similar in
system type and internal/external loads/surfaces.  When you don't know
the HVAC zoning, 90.1 allows for simplified "perimeter/core" zoning with
some common-sense restrictions.  As Bill suggested, 90.1 user's manual
spells out both approaches with brevity.


Alternatively, you might read the entry "Zones for Buildings Without
HVAC Systems" in the DOE-2 help files that came with your eQuest







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Could you be a little more specific with your question.   LEED
requires/allows you to follow the energy modeling zoning requirements
set out in ASHRAE 90.1, App G.  But, I doubt that's the answer you're
looking for.  


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Does anyone know of a good guide to LEED Energy Modeling zoning

Chris Flood BSc (Eng)
Senior Building Analyst & Energy Modeller

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