[Bldg-sim] OpenStudio Patch available

Macumber, Daniel Daniel.Macumber at nrel.gov
Fri May 14 13:05:16 PDT 2010

A new version ( of OpenStudio is now available which fixes some minor issues reported by users after the last release (


Thanks to everyone who reported these issues.  Additionally, we are working to determine what new features should be included in the October release and would really love to get as much user feedback as possible.  If you would like to provide your input on the next steps for OpenStudio please take a few minutes to answers the questions up at:


Thanks a lot,
Changes in Patch

 *   Attached shading surfaces can now be manually assigned a base surface. By default the base surface is a floor in the zone, however you may need to change it to an exterior wall. EnergyPlus requires that shading surfaces have an exterior base surface.
 *   When "Reset to Default Office" is clicked in Zone Loads, "Constant Setpoint Thermostat" is now set for HVACTemplase:Thermostat. This is only visible if "HVAC Template:Aone:IdealLoadsAirSystem" is also turned on.
 *   When Zone Load Preferences are saved, the Thermostat is also saved along with Zone Loads.
 *   For Surface, Zone, and all Ground outside boundary conditions sun and wind exposure are now set to "NoSun" and "NoWind".
 *   For Outdoors, Adiabatic, Other Side Coefficients, and Other Side Conditions Model outside boundary conditions, the sun and wind exposure can manually be set. When choosing "Outdoors", exposures are set to "SunExposed" and "WindExposed" by default, but these can manually be changed.
 *   Fixed issues with conversion of Simple Objects to Detailed Objects.
 *   Units for summary reports can now be set under the "Run Simulation" dialog. This includes the Annual Building Utility Performance Summary.
 *   Added four IDF specific tutorials showing how to add and edit some IDF objects outside of OpenStudio. Batch simulation through EP-Launch, featured on tutorial 301, is currently not available for Mac OS.

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