[Bldg-sim] Recover eQuest file?

Craig Simmons craig at greenengineer.com
Sun May 16 05:57:24 PDT 2010

Due to an error in a parametric run eQuest wiped out everything but the
Building Shell components in the BDL file of a model I am working on.
Because I have been doing so many parametric runs I have tons of INP files
that have everything in them. I have similar back-ups that I could use but
unfortunately none from today, meaning I'd need to redo quite a bit.


Is there any way to create a BDL from an INP? 


The information seems like it's there, just not in the right format.
Primarily the BDL has specific references to curves that the INP does not
have, but all the curves in this model are defaults.


Any help is appreciated. 





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