[Bldg-sim] Natural Ventilation Control in Design Builder

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Hi Holly,

First I should say that questions on DesignBuilder should ideally be addressed to either the DesignBuilder forum or our supportdesk.

>From what you say, it sounds like you should continue to use the DesignBuilder scheduled natural ventilation mechanism where you can specify the air change rate plus a schedule but ideally also make use of the EnergyPlus "ZoneVentilation > Minimum Outdoor Temperature" data as well. Unfortunately DB does not yet provide an interface to this, though it does allow you to specify "Max temperature difference for operation", i.e. the maximum temperature difference between inside and outside, but not min/max outside temperatures.

We plan to provide an interface to this extra ZoneVentilation data within DesignBuilder in a near future beta so, depending on your timescales, you could wait for that. If this is not practical then you can export to IDF and add the data there.

Andy Tindale

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I am working with natural ventilation in DesignBuilder.  In another program (CoolVent) I calculated varying ACH due to wind and stack effect.  I made a schedule and input it into DesignBuilder. The problem is, I would like DesignBuilder to both use my schedule of air changes AND close the windows when it gets too cold outside.  However, it seems that I can either be in Scheduled or Calculated mode.  Scheduled mode will use my ACH schedule, and Calculated mode will close the windows when it's too cold.  It seems I can't make DesignBuilder take both into account.  Am I missing something?  Thanks!

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