[Bldg-sim] Lighting fixture retrofit or replacement

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There might also be some specific terminology/procedures used by the state
program you are looking at as far as retrofit/replacement.

For instance in ComEd territory the Smart Ideas incentive might be two
parts, one for converting lamp and ballasts to more efficient models, and a
separate incentive for permanent removal of a lamp through addition of a
reflector.  They use the word “replace” in the description, even though
someone else had replied to your post with an alternate definition.

Other utility programs may or may not also incentivize new lamps, or it may
be included in the initial ballast and fixture upgrade.

The answer I think could vary depending on which utility program you are



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Hi all,

I am looking for incentive rates from electricity supply companies in terms
of lighting retrofits. So, when I am opting for an option of changing 3-lamp
T12 magnetic ballast lighting fixture to 2-lamp super T8 electronic ballast
fixture, will this be considered under lighting retrofit or replacement?

Also, will the incentive include delamping rebate also?

Thanks in advance.

Sunayana Jain

Energy Engineering Specialist

Grand Rapids, Michigan
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