[Bldg-sim] G3.1.2.5 Clarification

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I agree.  Standard 61.1 sets the minimum acceptable ventilation rate.
The design ventilation rate can be higher, and the baseline rate should
be the same as the real design.


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In my opinion:


For LEED, the OA should increase 30% first. This is the propose


Then for energy model, the baseline model should equal to proposed,
which means the baseline OA is also 30% more than 62.1 requirement.


On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 6:07 PM, Jaigath Chandraprakash
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G3.1.2.5 states that minimum ventilation rates will be the same for
proposed building and baseline building. Does it mean that if my
building design OA rate is increased by 30%, my model will still be
based on the minimum OA required by 62.1 and is still equal to the
baseline building OA? Meaning my proposed building wont be penalized by
supplying more OA?



Thanks in advance.





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