[Bldg-sim] LEED for Interiors 3.0 EA 1.3 Energy model

Shariq_Ali at URSCorp.com Shariq_Ali at URSCorp.com
Mon Oct 18 12:52:11 PDT 2010

You'll have two models - and you will need to model everything that the
system serving your two floors is serving - which is probably the rest of
the building. If your two floors are served by an AHU, and that AHU serves
everything - you must model everything.

The first model will be your baseline model - LEED CI allows you to either
use your 90.1 ASHRAE baseline building as this baseline, OR if you are in a
really old really inefficient building, it allows you to model the existing
building as your baseline (before your retrofits / modifications). The
purpose of this is if you choose your location for your office well, say
you go into a LEED platinum building, your existing building is amazing -
and thus LEED CI allows you to use the 90.1 baseline for your base model.

The second model will be your proposed building. Try to get the energy
conservation measures incorporated  very early in the design.  LEED CI can
be difficult because your hands are often tied because of existing building

My second LEED project (Our URS office in Southfield Michigan) was LEED CI,
it achieved Silver last year so I know CI modeling pretty well.. email me
if you have any questions.

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