[Bldg-sim] simple multi-objective fitness function

Giulio Castorina artitecture at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 15:24:05 PDT 2011

Probably slightly off topic but hoping someone interested in the topic 
can help me if interested in the topic.

I am running with E+ a daylighting simulation to optimise the shading 
device of a standard office building. Im using a single zone model for 
simplicity and shading devices are modelled as Shading:Zone:Detailed 

At the momento to optimise it Im running a GA which uses a fitness 
fucntion daylighting issues only. I wanted to keep my fitness function 
as simple as possible so I considered the uniformity ratio over my 
illumninance map grid. In this case my fitness function is F = Emax/Emin 
where Emax and Emin are respectivele the max and min illuminance values 
over the map grid.

Now I wanted to consider and possibly optimise my shading device 
according to other factors such as heating and cooling electricity 
demands. So I was thinking to calculate my new Objective function as MIN 
Zone Heating Load [J] + Zone Cooling Load [J] / Zone Load Target. This 
can be caclulated using the Zone,Meter,Heating:EnergyTransfer + 
Zone,Meter,Cooling:EnergyTransfer respectively.

Do you think this approach could be reasonable?

many thanks in advance

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