[Bldg-sim] Ecotect camera rotation problem

Lars O. Grobe grobe at gmx.net
Wed Aug 10 13:47:56 PDT 2011

Hi Shubha,

I do not have Ecotect here, but as far as I know, it makes useage of 
Radiance. So if you are able to locate the view settings used when 
rendering the view, you can check the camera settings. Usually the 
extension of the view settings in Radiance is .vf, I would expect (or 
hope) that Ecotect keeps this.

There should be a line inside the view file containing lots of 
parameters starting with -v (all these are Radiance's view settings). If 
there is a string "-vu X Y Z" (X Y Z being a vector) you can correct the 
image alignment. The vector given here is the 3d vector in scene 
coordinates that will point towards the upper edge of the 2d image.

In most perspective views and sections, it is -vu 0 0 1 (as +z points up 
in the coordinate system used), while in a plan view with north being up 
it should be -vu 0 1 0.

Hope this helps. I have no idea about Ecotect support.

Cheers, Lars.

> Hi,
> I am having issues related to setting up camera in Ecotect. Did anyone here have a problem with images getting rotated while visualizing through a wide angle camera?
> Feel free to direct me to a more appropriate forum for Ecotect users. I just know of the Autodesk forum which is pretty inactive.
> Thanks in advance,
> Shubha Mohunta  MSSD, B.Arch

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