[Bldg-sim] Building envelope average energy demands

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I don't know if this answers your question, but I have tried to determine the % of energy use due to the envelope on a recent building by running multiple energy models.  What I found was the energy balance in complex.
An example is a perfect balance on a cold day 
"People" + "Lighting" + "Plug Loads" - "Loss through Wall" = 0
So if the insulation was higher, your loss though the wall would be less and the A/C power usage would be increased.
You could hand calculate the envelope energy demand for an empty unoccupied building, but with internal loads it gets foggy.
The energy model will show you what you can expect from various R-values, but I have not found a way to say x% of energy is due to the envelope.

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Hi All,

Can anyone advise a good resource (article, webpage, book, etc..) which states what is the average energy demands (construction+running costs) due to Envelopes only in buildings? I would need just a figure in percentage over the whole energy demands of a typical office building. Is this data somehow available?


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