[Bldg-sim] Wizard mode occupancy zoning

Jill Dalglish jill at jilldalglish.com
Tue Jun 28 15:10:28 PDT 2011


I am trying a simple DD wizard mode comparison of one building with 
occupancy in all zones and one building with occupancy only in the 
southern half of the building and am getting no change in results.

I am doing this by changing the occupancy from the default eQuest zoning 
to 50% unconditioned storage, saving the model for the second building 
and then only changing the "Conditioned" and "Unconditioned" setting in 
the Saved-As model under "Zone Conditions" in screen 2 of the wizard.

Does anyone know why this does not change the results?

Thank you,

Jill Dalglish, LEED AP
Dalglish Daylighting
Connecting Architecture with Nature
S/W/DBE Certified Business

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