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The link below is reference material from the Advanced Buildings website
for the Core Performance Guide.


It would appear from the presentation that buildings with glazed areas
in excess of 40% require energy modelling to ASHRAE 90.1 - 2004 and
achieve a 20% improvement, to comply with Core Performance Guide.

If you are being required to do energy modelling (with all the potential
freedom for design approach) anyway it would seem pointless to bother
achieving compliance with all the core performance criteria 

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I haven't used the Core Performance Guide before, but that provision is
in line with ASHRAE 90.1.  From my understanding, the Core Performance
Guide is supposed to be a prescriptive path to a building that is more
energy efficient than ASHRAE 90.1 while the prescriptive route in ASHRAE
90.1 will provide minimum code compliance.  Since the prescriptive route
in ASHRAE 90.1 does not allow more than 40% glazed area, you have to
then switch to the performance route in ASHRAE 90.1, or Chapter 11.
LEED does not use Chapter 11, so my assumption would be that a building
with more than 40% glazing would be directed to Appendix G instead,
making complying with the Core Performance Guide for EAp2/EAc1 not
viable for a building with >40% glazing.

I'm curious if anyone else has a different opinion, since I have not
actually tried to apply the Core Performance Guide.

Jeremy R. Poling, PE, LEED AP+BDC

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Hi all

I have a question in relation to Core Performance Guide for advanced
I am looking at 2009 Core & shell office building and I want to go down
the Advanced Buildings Core Performance Guide Route.

Section 2.6 Fenestration Performance states that for buildings with
window and glazed door area greater than 40% of the gross area of
above-grade walls.............energy modelling must be conducted to
demonstrate equivalent performance.

What is meant by this statement, does this mean that you have to go back
to the performance rating method according ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G?  Or
does it mean a more simple model where you check that heat loss, solar
gain and light transmission is equal or less with a building which has
say 60% glazed area compared to the Criteria set out for glazing in
table 2.6.1 for 40% glazed area?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated


Michael F. Keohane
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