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Hi Chris,

If you want to get your project done in time and within the budget I would
highly recommend Scenario 1. I think that Scenario 2 is a result of not
thinking the zoning through before doing the take-offs from CAD drawings.

When I start a model I spend a few hours at least looking at what's going on
in the building: what are the mechanical zones, wall constructions, roof
constructions, floor plans - where do you have an exposed roof due to the
floor above having a smaller foot print, do the floor to floor heights vary,
etc., etc. If you don't do this you can really create a nightmare for later.



On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Chris Jones <cj at enersave.ca> wrote:

> I am wondering how the typical equest model is zoned.  Two scenarios:
> 1.  Create a zoning diagram combining like spaces on perimeters and like
> spaces in interiors based on the HVAC type and distribution.  Combine
> storage rooms with exhaust only with adjacent space where the transfer air
> comes from, etc.  Plunk this zoning diagram into equest.
> 2.  Plunk the architectural drawing into equest and every space becomes an
> equest space - every closet, elevator/duct shaft, office, small interior
> meeting room, janitor closets - all a space in equest.
> I had always assumed that the scenario 1 would be used.  I am now finding
> (by way of reviewing LEED submissions) that many people use scenario 2.  It
> seems very inefficient to me and certainly increases the cost of doing a
> review.
> What is typical?
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