[Bldg-sim] Generating or obtaining Real-Time load profiles?

Michael J Witte mjwitte at gard.com
Thu Dec 6 18:35:03 PST 2012

"Real Time Load Profiles" is a very generic term.  Since you mention 
SmartGrid, I assume you mean electric power use profiles. Timeseries CSV 
files are a common standard output from EnergyPlus and most tools 
(nearly all the example files produce some variation of this).  A single 
command in EnergyPlus will produce this directly as a csv file if you 
set the timestep = 60.

Output:Meter, Electricity:Facility, timestep;

The first column is date/time instead of seconds, but that can easily be 
converted inside excel.  This will give you minute-by-minute electric 
power consumption.  Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.


On 12/6/2012 7:19 PM, jake spuggy wrote:
> After trying a number of programs (EnergyPlus, BCTV, etc) I find it 
> amazing that there isn't an easier way to generate *"Real Time Load 
> Profiles". *
> I see that these programs, namely EnergyPlus, can "describe" an load 
> profile of a device.
> But I really just want CSV files with these 2 columns:
> *Time (in seconds), Power (average)*
> The Smart Grid is about making energy decisions in real-time.
> Does anyone know how to make these programs output CSV files for 
> researchers like me?
> Your advice?
> --Jake
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