[Bldg-sim] Equest and Daysim Training in Atlanta, GA April 10th, 2012

Tom Butler tbutler at southface.org
Tue Feb 21 21:20:30 PST 2012

Daylighting and Daysim with eQUEST

Instructors: Mike Nicklas, FAIA and Umesh Atre, Associate AIA, LEED AP, Innovative Design Inc.
Of all high performance building design strategies, none will have a greater positive impact than daylighting. As occupants and building management personnel become increasingly aware of the energy, health, and productivity benefits associated with controlled daylighting, more and more designers are implementing these proven strategies.
This full-day workshop will first address those engaged in building design and will focus on issues critical to good daylighting. The workshop will then focus on translating the daylighting principles presented in the daylighting session into usable daylighting metrics. Participants will be introduced to computer modeling techniques using the 'Daysim' software. The 3-D modeling software 'SketchUp' is used to create the daylighting models, and the energy modeling software 'eQUEST' will be used to demonstrate how daylighting results can be incorporated into energy models.
This workshop will carry participants through the key steps, from design concept to graphic model to Daysim's daylighting analysis to eQUEST's overall building energy simulation. Participants are assumed to have a basic working knowledge of eQUEST. Because of this assumed knowledge level regarding eQUEST, the workshop will not focus on general eQUEST training but rather on how to interface with DAYSIM and key issues relative how to interpret the information that results from eQUEST.
The workshop will focus on the following:

  *   Consideration of human factors
  *   Consideration of energy ramifications
  *   Accounting for site constraints and benefits
  *   Integrating daylighting strategies into your design
  *   Introduction to Daysim,
  *   Development of and using SketchUp models with Daysim,
  *   Detailed walkthrough of Daysim,
  *   Understanding Daysim output, and
  *   Converting Daysim output into usable hourly daylighting schedules for eQUEST
Early-bird pricing this workshop is $350. Early-bird pricing will close on March 15, 2012. Price will then increase to $425 (discount automatically applied and credited at check-out)
Register Here http://www.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=449342
Location: Southface Energy Institute 241 Pine St. NE Atlanta, GA 30308
Time: 8:30am - 5:50pm (Lunch provided)

Tom Butler
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241 Pine Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

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