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5.4.1 states that where insulation is required, 
it must be labelled and installed according to 
the requirements of -
If insulation is required, the performance of the 
insulation must meet the requirements of 5.5 or 
5.6.  Section 5.5 is prescriptive and you must 
have the insulation levels specified in Tables - as a minimum.

If the project doesn't meet the prescriptive 
requirements, you must meet either the Section 
5.6, the Building Trade-Off Option.

Alternately, you may show compliance using the 
Energy Cost Budget Method, Section 11 as long as Section 5.4 is met.

In some jurisdictions, the building permit 
process requires showing compliance with the 
prescriptive or building trade off method.  I 
always use the building trade off method using 
EnvStd as it is quicker than filling in the 
prescriptive tables and EnvStd produces a nicely 
formatted report gets quick approval from the building code official.

At 03:25 AM 07/02/2012, Ty Law wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>I am quite confused between what the ASHRAE 90.1 
>and the user’s manual tell us about Building Envelope Mandatory Provisions:
>5.4 Mandatory Provisions
>“5.4.1 Insulation. Where insulation is required in Section
>5.5 or 5.6, it shall comply with the requirements found in Sections
> through” - ASHRAE 90.1-2007
>Insulation (§ 5.8.1)
>“The first set of mandatory requirements
>addresses the proper installation and
>protection of insulation materials. Issues
>that are covered include compression of
>insulation, installing insulation on sloping
>ceilings and around recessed equipment,
>and protecting insulation from physical or
>moisture damage.”- ASHRAE 90.1-2007-User’s Manual
>Does this mean that we could use insulation that 
>is not as efficient as indicated in Table 5.5-1 
>through 5.5-8 as long as it complies with Section through
>Your thoughts are highly appreciated.
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