[Bldg-sim] Need to extract summer peak demand info from REM/Rate

Greg Landreth gwlandreth at frontierassoc.com
Fri Feb 24 13:40:30 PST 2012

Jeremiah and others, thanks for your comments.


My second question is not whether, simply, to use an alternate software - I
believe I will need to if we are to accomplish our objective. Rather, the
situation is that the information I have to describe the homes I need to
model are .blg files generated by HERS raters. Given that I may want to use
an alternate simulation software, is anyone familiar with a tool that will
take a REM/Rate .blg input file and convert it into an input file I could
use for one of those alternate modeling software packages.




Greg Landreth



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REM Rate uses a delta T over area HDD/CDD calculation-- not an hourly
simulation, so peak loads can not be truly addressed. You could to derive an
average number by calculating the annual use then dividing by hours of year,
but that still would not solve your problem.


You could use eQuest, Energy Plus, TRNSYS or Sunrel.


I advise Energy Plus. 

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 9:12 AM, Greg Landreth
<gwlandreth at frontierassoc.com> wrote:

My company has identified a need to estimate peak demand information for
homes that have been inspected by HERS raters and are modeled in REM/Rate.
We are not HERS providers or sub-licensed raters, so we do not own or
currently use REM/Rate ourselves. I understand that REM/Rate employs a
seasonal methodology that does not predict hourly values, so I have a
two-part question:


1.       Despite the lack of hourly simulation values, is there a way to
derive peak demand information (e.g. given a definition of 'peak') using

2.       I'm interested to know whether anybody has experience creating
input files for other simulation software (any software that does
residential modeling and provides 8760 output) from REM/Rate .blg files.



Greg Landreth



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